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Are you a book lover or book publisher?

Start your own E-Book Store with our fully dynamic e-bookwala website. Based on client expectations and current market trends we have developed this portal after analysing all the needs of eBooks Store. Our technical team with our vast experience in this field has developed this eBook portal with high secure and responsible design using CMS technologies.

With our eBook portal you can add book description, photos and more than 8 digital format has been supported by this eBook portal. Create universal online eBooks with our Digital eBook Script that provides you the ability to create electronic books in several types (PDF, ePUB). It is very easy to create your eBook, add e-book through the admin, save your completed books or download it even though you don’t have technical knowledge with our script.

With our ebookwala website you can sell not only Ebooks, but Stock photos, music, digital books, novels, short stories, pamphlets, and many more things. It supports various affiliated systems such as ebay, amazon hence you can get more revenue from it.

Our ebookwala website is user friendly, and easily manageable for Site Administrator from back-end administrator panel. Our script comes with all essential features as social media sharing, add to favourites, basic and advanced searches, automatic relative product displays, newsletters and many more.